About us

Why us?

ECONINS considers operating by developing itself in the projects which it has undertaken with the spirit of team work as a duty.
In this regard, it continues its activities at full speed

Regardless of the size and type of the project, realization of your business in a timely, and economic manner and in conformity with the  necessity depends on the choosing the right engineering & Inspectiob company which you will set the work.

The right engineering & Inspection firm must offer you:

– Experience,
– Reasonable prices,
– Professionalism, and integrity.
– It has to work by emphasizing the quality and safety principles in your projects.


More importantly, the right engineering & ınspection firm;

Provides seamless services to their customers

Able to generate economic solutions

Credible in the industry

and also firm that could put getting business from a customer in return of the service it has rendered in the foreground.

No matter how big or small your project, Genç Mühendislik is the most suitable engineering and contracting company with this approach.

In whatever direction your needs are, you can rely on ECONINS.