İn order to verify that the advancement of activities is in line with the expected progress and delivery dates, ECONINS expediting visits provide a detailed follow-up and control of project general scheduling.

Thanks to ECONINS´s experience in expediting and knowledge of fabrication, visits at vendors provide a clear view for each project disciplines: engineering, procurement, fabrication and specially, identification of manufacturing risks and/or potential bottom necks. Increasing communication between client and supplier/manufacturer and avoiding delays are the keys to complying our client´s targets.


We are focusing during visits on the following tasks:

– Purchase Order Availability and Confirmation
– Review of Vendor INCOTERMS
– Comparison of the Clients Purchase Order with the copy issued with the assignment;
– Availability of PO Specification
– Ensuring that the vendor is aware of the inspection requirements
– Ensuring that the vendor has enough resources for the PO
– Checking manpower dedicated to our PO
– Engineering status review
– Checking the communication flow between all involved parties
– Procurement of Raw Material status
– Manufacturing schedule check against real status
– Verification of sub-orders and sub-suppliers
– Identification of potential issues that can impact delivery dates
– Clear picture of real scenario at Vendor site
– Identification of critical paths and blocking points
– Identification of potential bottlenecks
– Proposal of recovery actions in case needed
– Production Planning Process / Execution Process
– Prompt reporting

A complete expediting report, customized to our Client needs, will be issued and submitted upon visit completion.

Our expediting services can help you ensure the correct and on time procurement. This is a quick and affordable way to avoid unnecessary delays and penalties.